The Zombie Room by R.D. Ronald


Title: The Zombie Room

Author: R.D. Ronald

Publishing Date: April 10, 2016

Rate: 2 of 5

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I never read the synopsis of books. I am one of those strange people who either reads a book because of the title OR the cover. Don’t judge me. Anyhow, because of the title I actually thought this was some horror book. Well, in some aspects of the book it was kind of horror—just in reality terms.

Down to the nitty-gritty, I rated it 2 of 5 primarily because I thought the ending was hurried. I felt that there was still strong potential to the story but I thought it just ended abruptly. And also because I am not such a fan of crime fiction. I guess I really am the girly-girl even in reading books.

Another thing, because the book touched sex trafficking—okay not just touch, it was a big theme of the book—there was this little part of me as a woman that made my heart ache. Just thinking that these things happen (maybe not as extreme as in the book, I’m not quite sure) in reality. It’s just so sad. Not just for women but for our society as a whole.

The writing was beautiful. The story is good. Just the ending ticked me off a little bit. Okay, a lot.

So…if you like crime fiction books then this would be a worthwhile read! Unfortunately, this just isn’t for me.

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