The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

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Date Published: April 27, 2004
Publisher: Riverhead Books
About: It is the story of two people–Amir and Hassan. Amir is the child of a wealthy man in Kabul while Hassan is the boy’s servant. It starts off in the two children’s childhood and the unusual friendship of master to servant that has bonded the two. It is a tale of love, friendship, family, politics, war, and forgiveness.
Rate: 5 of 5
I don’t know why I’m reviewing this book when it has been already established a thousand times over that it’s a very good one.
To those who’ve read the book: See what I did there?
No, not a good one. A very good one. God, I don’t even know how to phrase my opinion on the book. IT’S SO GOOD IT HURTS. Haha.
It’s kinda hard to review the book without giving away some spoilers (which is the case for every book I read actually haha).
It’s the type of story that will keep you on your toes. Never in my two weeks of reading it did I ever lose interest in this disturbingly life-like story. You may wonder why I took so long reading it. It’s because I parted it everyday because I didn’t want it to end. Though I have often said that I love reading children’s books, these are the kinds of books that gives me a fresh outlook on reading. I live for these kinds of books–those who gives you so much chance of learning things.
I wasn’t such a fan of the cover. It looked chaotic. But damn, the story, is an organized chaos. And I loved every page of it. I also liked the fact that I had to research some stuff so I’ll be familiar to the flow of the story. In a way, I’ve learned some new cultures, political perspectives, the harshest realities that happens, etc. It’s such a real book, you know? It doesn’t feel like you’re reading a book. It’s like reading an intricate life journal.
I rarely rate books 5 of 5. But, by jolly, if I can give this book a 10 of 5 I would.

So, who is ‘the kite runner’?
I can’t believe how at the end of the day Amir is “the kite runner”. I always thought that it is Hassan or Sohrab. I thought that Amir was just a glorified story-teller. I was like this when I read the last sentence of the book: p7xqlayxs6uda

Do I recommend it?
Oh my god. A big whooping YES.

I hope you guys have a chance to read it! Because it is so amazing.

Oh my God. It’s July.
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