Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging (Confessions of Georgia Nicholson #1) by Louise Rennison

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Title: Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging (Confessions of Georgia Nicholson #1)

Series: Confessions of Georgia Nicholson

Author: Louise Rennison

Date Published: January 1st, 1999

Publisher: Harper Teen


A year’s worth of diary of the blossoming teenager, Georgia Nicholson. What ensues are the day-to-day record of her unusual, but often hilarious, life at home, school, friends, and boys.

Rate: 3 of 5

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It just took me two nights to read this book because it’s really a fast read and really funny, too! That perfectly sums up how I gobbled this one up. The thing that made me just flip through the book is just the sheer hilariousness of the book. It precisely outlines the struggles of a teen; the burdens (and sometimes bordering to outright stupid) was boxed into it. There were so many antics that I can’t help thinking about myself when I was that age. Let me assure you, I did so many stupid things. Haha. And well, yeah, that’s it. It was just really funny and it lived up to it’s promise that “You will laugh your knickers off!”.

It’s not that deep of a book as opposed to my past reads such as Sweetbitter and The Kite Runner so this is a wonderful breath of much-needed fresh air. I think it was a very good sum up of a teenager’s life. And it was written in the ’90s so I was delighted that there were still no cellphones for the younger people.

That’s just about it. The ending did open a curiosity for a next book and I was like Ahhh, I want more of this! Do not end, please. No!


But no, it just ended. I’m definitely going to read the next book but it’s not in my nature to read a series consecutively (apart from Harry Potter duhh, because well, that’s Harry Potter haha). I won’t be reading it now, but soon. In the upcoming days, hehe.

I rated it only 3 of 5 because I did like it. And I know that it’s supposed to be funny, a super light-hearted one, and a teen book. In fact, I do remember reading these types of books when I was in high school and these are the types of books that opened my eyes on things that are not so familiar to me because the Filipino culture is different from the culture in the US, UK, and in the other parts of the world. I know it sounds stupid to say that these were my eye-openers, but these kinds of books made me understand what it’s like to be a teenager in the other side of the world, you know?

While it’s a really cute read, I reserve my 4 of 5’s and my 5 of 5’s to those I have fallen in love with.

Do I recommend it? Yes, it’s really good if you want a few laughs! (Sometimes laughter can make you feel a lot better.)

And yes, I just started watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

P.S. You know what? I think I’ve already seen this book when I was fifteen or sixteen. It’s quite an old book since it was first published in 1999. But by that time I was a little intimidated with the title, well, because of the following. First of all, “Angus”–I didn’t know what it was or who it is or whatever (turned out it was Georgia’s cat). Second, “Thongs”. Come on, thongs. In a fifteen-year old’s perspective? In a very conservative country? Come on. Lastly, “Full-Frontal Snogging”. Hellooooo? Hahaha. So yeah, I was kind of intimidated with the title but, after a few years my mind’s eye opened up and told me not to be such a baby. LOL, I’m kidding. Going to university really helped, I seriously saw all kinds of things in there.

I must add here, the author of this cute read passed away just this year, Louise Rennison. It is with sadness that I learned of this while researching about the book for this review.

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