Atomic Number Sixty (Sixty Minute Reads #1) by Dave Johnston


Title: Atomic Number Sixty

Author: Dave Johnston

Date Published: July 28th of 2016

Publisher: Sixty Publishing

Synopsis (via the book’s GoodReads page here): 

Holly Holloway is locked in a dusty room, strapped to a ticking bomb.

What would you do, if you only had one hour left to live?

Rate: 4 0f 5

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First of all, I absolutely loved the fact that the chapters were designed to be read at one minute each. It’s genius. The book in its entirety can be finished within one sitting–an hour, I believe. It’s a fairly short read but you’ll be surprised on how you’ll enjoy the fast-paced story. If you’re a book enthusiast like me and you find yourself late in the night reading a book and then suddenly you come to a pivotal part of the book and you just want to finish the scenario or the chapter but the chapter just goes on and on and on?


But, in this book’s case, one chapter hardly constitutes 1.5 pages. So, that’s a very good thing. (Although I finished this one in three days hehe)

At first, the subject of the story didn’t really intrigue me that much.  The story-line was about a girl strapped to a ticking bomb. I thought it was some generic story. But actually the ending wrapped around it nicely. The ending was like an “Ohhhhh” moment. The ending was a great twist to the story which I never really thought about.

Moving on to the characters. I felt that the characters could have been delved into for a greater depth. But then again, the design of the book doesn’t really suit this well so there really wasn’t much time in the book for those stuff. But, I must say, I hated the heroine of this book. I felt like she was such a bitch to the people around her. But then again, the ending suited her character very well. I didn’t really understand the context of her behaviour until the ending, so yeah.

All throughout the book, there were some humor interjections. While, this is generally a good shot, I thought it was a little thrown off by the serious tone of the book that sometimes it sounded a little sarcastic. I think it could have been a much more beautiful read if some of the humor were pruned–not all, but just some.

This one is a series so I look forward to the next book and as to how the author’s going to further explore the characters and also how the story goes on. Because, the ending really cries for a continuation.

Do I recommend this? Yes!

*Thanks to the author, Dave Johnston, for giving me a copy of his book in exchange for an honest review.

**Cover images and synopsis via GoodReads; Gif via Giphy



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