I was sitting right there on the steps waiting for somebody. It was a quiet afternoon. Nothing can be heard but the soft rustle of leaves that clutter the odd shortcut to this building. Some birds twittering around can be heard, too. I had nothing to do but just sit and wait, sit and wait. A gust of wind so strong passed by and the trees echoed its power by swaying back and forth, back and forth. As I sat, I stared at my surroundings, I listened to the sweet sound of the quiet. I looked around and whispered to myself, “This is my last semester in here.” I chanted it over and over. And for the first time in quite a while, I finally believed it. This is my last semester in here.

Image via StockSnap



    1. Aww thanks! It’s nice to know someone enjoys the things I post! I will try to post more–I’m writing my senior thesis so I have not much free time. But I’ll be sure to write more. 💕


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