Bye for Now

I am very, very close to admitting to myself that I would be needing a blogging hiatus. And perhaps this is my last hurrah before I descend upon it. These past couple of months had been so much fun with me just reading one book after another. But, I have to be more responsible with my time right now. I am writing my thesis for my undergraduate degree in Economics. Painful as it is, I may need to limit myself with just 20 minutes of reading before going to bed. This will go on until December of 2016. 🙁 But, as much as anything important I need to put my full attention to this graduation requirement of mine. 4 months of less time reading beautiful books! Oh my heart.

Clearly this won’t really carry on that strictly. I would perhaps sneak in reading time while eating my meals or while showering (thank the heavens for audiobooks and text-to-speech functions! haha) or cooking or prepping up for the day–just anytime in between. And of course I would be posting reviews every now and then but not regularly.

Cheers to juggling this crazy thing called time. Bye!😘

P.S. I’ve started keeping a bullet journal. And I must say, whoever thought of this is a genius. 😊


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