Dancy Tunes

That’s right, I’m doing some dancing right now because I’ve managed to turn up my submission on time for the deadline. I know you’re wondering what I’m blabbering about–it’s my thesis yo!! I’ve managed to survive the first level of submission for the chapters literature review (haha literature review, piece of cake! LOL just kidding) and the introduction of my study.  It seems as if doing legit literature review on published journals have proved to be so much more painful than reviewing fiction. Because, well duh. I’ve read soooooo many economic journals that for a time I’ve only been proficient to conversations about employment, poverty, and economic growth. (Anyone feeling a little underemployed?) I know it seems silly to blog about something so ordinary but hey! this is the first time in so long I’ve actually managed to submit in time (especially after me getting slightly down and out about this whole thesis thing). September is now in its second day and I hope the streak of happy days won’t go.

*proceeds dancing*

Seriously guys, don’t you just love Joey? HAHAHAHA




*Gif via Giphy


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