Hey. So listen. I got quite a weird thing that happened to me today. I got quite disoriented. Don’t fret, it didn’t put me in any danger or anything. Haha.

I’ve mentioned before that the only thing I’m going to finish to graduate from my degree (hooray!) is my thesis. For that same reason, I’ve left my perfect apartment in my oh-so-lovely university (sob). Oh yeah, my uni is three hours away from my hometown. So now, every time I need to consult my professor/adviser regarding my thesis I need to transport all the way there. That’s six hours in transit! My god. RIP butt. Haha anyway yeah. It’s a good thing that I just go over there once in a while.

So today I had a weird encounter. Definitely the weirdest of all the things that has happened to me in quite a while. I was sitting at that spot closest to the driver. It was an hour-long ride. I should mention that I am not the sort of person that chats up random people while on the bus or anything. I am not one of those outgoing people, I just like to listen to my music and just have this look that emanates “LEAVE. ME. ALONE.”


BUT. I am also a fairly polite person. Something that I actually pride myself in…hehehe. And okay, I left my earphones at home. So when the driver decided to chat me up, I politely answered. Curt answers. Answers that also emanated “PLEASE. I DON’T WANT TO TALK. JUST GET ME TO MY STOP.” But alas, he didn’t pick up on that. Rather, he delved onto his family life. And before I knew it he was asking for my details i.e. my hometown, if I’m still a student, where I study, what do my parents do, etc. I still politely answered and figured hey he might be just like my mom. My mom chats up all customers like they’re old friends. Oh yeah, I forgot, we have a small shoe shop. So, why do you think this encounter is weird? Hold on a moment and I’ll tell you.


He then started talking about his son. And still, I was thinking this: “Alright. Sure. Sure. Go, Gem. You can do this. Small talk your way out of this.” Besides, we were five minutes away from my stop. I’ll get out of this whole small talk thing soon enough. But then, get this, he asked for my number. HE FREAKING ASKED FOR MY FREAKING NUMBER. FOR HIS SON. 


This is how it went down:

Manong Driver: I do hope my son help out more with our finances. But I do understand whatever decision he makes with his money.

Me: *nods, nods* Oh yeah well.

Manong Driver: I mean, I have no problem if he spends his money on his girlfriends. The last time he had a girlfriend I heard he spent 80,000 pesos on her. (Around 2,000 USD)

Me: Oh wow, that’s some lucky girl.

Manong Driver: Yeah, I guess. My son is working overseas as a seaman currently.

Me: Oh, that’s interesting.

*literally sees my STOP*

Manong Driver: So yeah. Uhm. Can I get your number? I will give it to my son. You seem like a nice girl.

Me: *super uncomfortable and just all around weird* Uhm. *thinks of an excuse…literally nothing…thanks brain.*  Okay. Sure. I guess.

Manong Driver: And also, can I take a selfie with you so I can show him your face?

Me: I’m sorry, what?

Manong Driver: *brings out phone* Smile! *Hands me the phone* Please put in your number.

Before I knew it. I was putting in my number. Well. My old number. The one that got stolen. I just hadn’t had the heart to tell him that I was not interested with his son. Nor do I appreciate him playing Tinder on his son. And I know, I know, that wasn’t really nice of me to hand in a fake number and all. But what’s a girl got to do? I did give him my real name. Now we wait for the Facebook notification. Hahahaha. I’m kidding. I hope he takes the hint. And I hope I won’t see him again. Otherwise, it would get so uncomfortable.

And also….who does this?!

I walked into my meeting feeling so disoriented and all around weird.

Note to self: Never, ever do this to my child when I become a parent.

Grabe si Manong, reto pa more. Whoo. Hindi ko kinaya.


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