Too Familiar, Too Coward


He was nice.

He was gentlemanly.

He was smart.

He was humorous.

Perhaps, he’s all those things still.

We got along.

But, there’s always a but, isn’t there?.

But, he was familiar.

Too familiar.

I was afraid, uncomfortable.

And perhaps, I still am.

I went away.

Like a coward afraid of the dark,

I hid.

Until he went away.

Image via Little Visuals



  1. This, but she flirted with me once in a blue moon over 5 years, so I stepped up to the plate, asked her out, but didn’t sweep her off her feet. Got stabbed in the gut for that. The last year has been hell for me on a personal level it’s easy to put into words but hard to describe without sounding like a psycho. Mistakes made, friendships lost, and I’m not saying David Bowie was holding the fabric of the universe together, but *gestures widely at the year almost gone*.

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    1. Don’t fret, you’re certainly not alone in your sentiment on how fast (and how much of a hell) this year is. For the mean time, let’s give 2016 a chance–a month and a half still remains. Maybe it’ll give us something better.

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      1. Indeed. If letting go is the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do, then do it. A lesson I’d forgotten, because I was holding on too tight, and it was suffocating me. Plus, I need to focus on my fledgling career right night anyway, and I can’t have her bullshit weighing me down like this.

        Old friends are coming out of the woodworks anyway. And I can put this shit behind me, where it belongs, now. Hardest decision of my life, until it wasn’t.

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