My Favorite Book

It’s Louisa May Alcott’s 184th birthday today. I didn’t even know until I opened my laptop and silently clicked Chrome. Everyday, there’s a Google doodle, right? And I was staring at today’s doodle and I just knew it was familiar. I just sat there staring at it and then it finally clicked–it’s the Little Women in doodle form!

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Little Women is my absolute favorite book of all time. I found it when I was thirteen or fourteen, I think. Our family was out in a mall, and we happened to pass by a bookstore. And the bibliophile that I am, of course, I had to go in. I didn’t even have money in my wallet then. I can’t even remember if I did bring a wallet, haha. Anyway, I went in with no intent of buying anything. I don’t know about you but sometimes I just stroll around a bookstore just looking at covers and smelling all the books. (That sounded a little wrong, and I don’t know why. LOL) The teenager that I was, I wasn’t really inclined to reading classics. I read the usual teen trash. *Ahem* Not really trash, but you know, something that didn’t have great depth to it. Again, I blame it to the fact that I’m a teenager. As I was walking along the isles, I asked my dad–no, I begged–for money for what else but to buy a book. And alas, he just gave me a little something. I think it was a hundred pesos.I mean, it was a little stingy of him but hey that’s better than nothing. I stumbled upon isles and shelves trying to find a book that I can buy with a freaking hundred pesos. That’s when I saw the book and it’s soooo pretty. I didn’t even expect that it was a hundred pesos because, oh my, I love the cover. To this day, I don’t know if it was on sale or anything. It was dirt cheap. Little did I know that that dirt cheap book would actually be my favorite book of all time.

I loved the book so much. I even made my friends read it 😛 Although, I’ve been dying to get a hold of the rest of the series but it’s really hard to find. Ordering books internationally when you’re in the Philippines is a nightmare. It’s quite the book so I hope more people get the chance to read it. I mean, it is even Rachel’s favorite book. And if that’s not enough reason, I don’t know what is. Hahahahaha.


P.S. Months ago, my cousin borrowed that book and I haven’t seen it since. Here’s to hoping it’s still alive. LOL.

Cover image via GoodReads; Gif via Giphy


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