It feels a little surreal to be calling myself as a twenty-one year-old girl (woman?). I’ve often put off calling myself an adult for so long. But as I turned twenty-one today, I cannot deny it anymore. I need to go forth and try to properly adult. Haha. My twentieth year in this world has been both a blessing and the worst one yet. I had been tried and tested both in the faith and in school. But it was also the year I’ve finally earned my degree on Economics. It was a year of doubting myself, of breaking down, of picking myself up, of humbling myself, of recognizing that I am indeed nothing in the grand scheme of things. But it was also year full of blessings, grace and new chances. It was a year of hope. And today, my twenty-first year in the world, I hope I would be a channel of blessing myself. I pray that this year would be amazing.

My 2017 officially starts now. 😛 I hope I would be able to write a book review soon! Unfortunately, A Court of Mist and Fury was so good that I have found myself to be in a book slump because ackkk I’m trying to find a book just as good! I’m currently trying to read City of Bones which (surprise, surprise!) I haven’t really tried to read. And yeps, I’m literally a decade late. Hahahaha. Also, I got a Starbucks perks card from my cousin and LOL I don’t know when I’m gonna use that–I hardly go to Starbucks hahahaha.

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  1. Happy birthday! I hope that, going forward, this next year of your life is filled with opportunities and great times. As for the grand scheme of things? Even the hardest rock is weathered by the storm, imagine the grand scheme is limestone and you’ll soon cut through and find what you want.

    All the best,

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