Of Sugar Cookies and Burning Things


So! I know this doesn’t have anything to do with the photo but I just wanted to update this because I’m just halfway from reading The Graveyard Book, so that would take me a long time before I post a review on. My mom is out and I’m left in charge to feed my dad and my brother. I cooked fried chicken and soup for dinner last night. Which I kinda burned. I then tried my hand on baking. And hooboy. They came out burnt af at the top but chewy inside which is kinda weird.

Bro: *points to chicken and cookies* What are these?

Me: Fried chicken and sugar cookies.

Bro: Oh………….What are you, like, the BURN QUEEN? *cackling like wtf*

<after some time laughing>

Bro: I know. I’m just savage as all hell. *evil laugh* It tastes okay tho.

So that’s how I came to know that our oven likes to burn things. It’s totally not my fault, no. Kidding, but I still have some leftover batter so I’m going to perfect that sugar baby later tonight yesss! Anyway, my mother is coming home today so my domestic goddess vibe will temporarily cease, for the mean time, that is, until I move out–hopefully soon! Have a great day, everybody. ❤

P.S. My brother has been playing this song “Sail” by Awolnation. And honestly…it’s already getting to me. This will probably get stuck in my head for at least three days. Damn. It’s really catchy tho.


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