Miss Feesenschneezen Is Ill by David Parmelee

34503179Title: Miss Feesenschneezen Is Ill

Author: David Parmelee

Series: None

Genre: Children’s (Middle Grade)

(Expected) Date of Publishing: April 20th of 2017

Publisher: Sunbury Press, Inc.

Synopsis (via Goodreads):

When the beloved teacher of a “tough class” is out sick for a week, everyone must endure a succession of colorful substitutes. Each brings a lesson; all bring smiles.

“Miss Feesenschneezen Is Ill” is a middle-grade chapter book that entertains.

Rate: 2.5 of 5

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for giving me access to an advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review.

Now, help me out a little bit over here. I am currently trying to reconcile if I have already outgrown middle grade books because of this book.

Oh, believe me when I say that I wanted to like this book. But alas, there were just too many things that made me not like this. There were parts of the book that afforded me a glimpse of an alternate reality where I would have liked it because I love middle grade (with a passion! haha), I love these kinds of quirky titles, I love the plot-line BUT, there was just something off with the writing.

Having said that, I will be terribly horrible to say that there isn’t anything redeemable about the book. The hilarious storyline is a plus. And oh, let us not forget about the beautiful illustrations!

Now, let me get back on the off writing. What I mean about this is that all throughout the book I was confused to the point-of-view level of the writer. There were times when the mindset was too childish and then it would shift to too adult-like. And I don’t go with that. It is extremely crucial for a children’s book to be uniform to the age-level speech and thinking of the point of view. In some cases, there are some exceptions to this, e.g. a child that’s mature for his age and such. However, with this one I noticed that that is one avenue that this could improve on.

It is nice to find books about the student’s love for their teacher and that is really heartwarming but there was just too much air of oddness (for a lack of a better term) going around.

P.S. This made me think of my fourth grade teacher–she’s small (even smaller than me and that’s really saying something :P) and stellar-strict.

Do I recommend it? I’m sorry, no.
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*Cover image and Synopsis via Goodreads.


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