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This gif-ridden post has been in my list of posts to write for almost three weeks now and yes, alright, I am ashamed. Hahaha! I want to thank Liz over at Cover to Cover for kindly tagging me! I must tell you, this is the first time I’ve been tagged at anything–I’ve always been that lurker around tags! 😛 Go and see her awesome blog. Thanks again, Liz! So without further ado, I’ll go forth and start the ball rolling with the set of rules because rules are great. As Monica said: Rules are good! Rules help control the fun!



i.) Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.

ii.) Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.

iii.) Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.

iv.) List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or your blog

Q&A Portion

My God, Liz! These are difficult questions! I want to commend your creativity because, by jolly, these are good ones! I’ll try to answer these the best that I can. 🙂

1. Imagine you are a teacher in front of a classroom full of teenagers (say, 16 year olds) which book would you choose to discuss with them and why? 

I feel like my answer to this by default–forever, perhaps–would be the Harry Potter series (minus Cursed Child, my gosh have mercy!). By now, it has been such an accepted notion that Harry Potter is a classic for children’s and the fantasy genre. And, it’s a tale that they would’ve known the general story of BUT with little bobs and things that only a book can provide. It’s a good series to keep them engaged but also discusses key traits like friendship, wit, loyalty, bravery, etc.

A very close second option for this question would be Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book. It’s a beautiful story written with wit but something that is easily followed through so it’s not necessarily something that is hard to keep up with, especially for those types of people who are not really into reading. This book had me sobbing at the end, and by all means, my students need to sob, too. Why? Because I’m a good teacher that’s why.

2. Think about the biggest book characters you’ve ever read about–put them all together in a single book–what would it be called and what would they get up to? (i.e., Kill each other, take over the world, etc.)

So I’m thinking these characters are: Sayuri from Memoirs of a Geisha, Celaena Sardothien from Throne of Glass series, Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series, Nesta Archeron from A Court of Thorns and Roses series, and finally, Catherine from Heartless. These are all women and they are all kicking asses. I feel like Sayuri would be so delicate with these little ones and she would be so caring for them whilst also teaching them how to do some things the prim and proper way. Hermione is all ears and nodding along to be polite but Nesta and Celaena is just there pissing each other off with their beautiful and witty quips against each other. Catherine, meanwhile, is baking lemon tarts. They’re all friends of course. This is just an ordinary afternoon. They would make up an awesome and such a diverse #squad. OMG. As for the title, I don’t really know. I’ve been thinking but nope, my brain is not having it. Any suggestions?

3. If you could make one book mandatory for the whole of your country, which book would it be and why?

Filipinos are humor-loving people but can also be hardcore patriotic. For these qualities alone, I would choose Bakit Baliktad Magbasa ng Libro ang mga Pilipino? by Bob Ong. It is a very simple way of writing but with deeper thoughts and ideas conveyed slipped between the witty jokes and sarcasm. Add the fact that you can virtually find it almost anywhere books are sold. I loved how it tackled the real issues of the Filipino people but still keeping humble. I don’t know, some books can be so intimidating to read because it’s too high-minded-sounding. Does that make sense? Because, in my case, it happens quite a lot. But regarding this book, this may not be the deepest when it comes to the readily read words, the fact that it became a catalyst for deeper political ideas for me has been one of the qualities why I would have this book be read by everyone in my country.

4. Describe or show me your most favorite book cover EVER!

I do love good complex illustrations in my covers! Especially those kinds of designs which come in a wee bit embossed and with these little trinkets I can look at for a long time and spot something very little. Yeah, I like those kinds of things. So, when I stumbled over the children’s book section (NO SHAME I WAS SIXTEEN ALRIGHT SHUT UP :P) at my local bookshop, I sure thought Wow, I want that. Look at all the pretty things happening! The fact that it had these beautiful scroll-like font thingy doused around that mansion illustration got me swooning for this. AND THE TITLE. Look at that gorgeous title. (Side note: That would be such a good club name for fans of Benedict Cumberbatch. You’re all welcome.)

So there you go, my favorite book cover is of The Mysterious Benedict Society. 

5. If you were a character in a book–which book would you like to be in, and what would your role be?

To be honest, I’ve always seen myself as a supporting character. But also at the same time someone really main. Like, supporting character but main supporting character. You get me? Yeah, of course you do. And since I’m really awaiting the release of my beloved book, A Court of Wings and Fury, I would really want to be Nesta Archeron. Because, erm, she’s Nesta. But also, kidding aside, I’m really snarky and uptight in real life just like her. And also, prospective Cassian’s mate, hello?

6. Knock out time! The world is coming to an end…you can save every living being from apocalypse if you choose one genre to forever be banished from literature. What genre would that be?

Not gonna lie to you, I would really want to remove the Biography-type of books. I do not like them but also I know it’s a big chunk of humanity, I feel. BUT, it’s apocalypse people and this is my decision so that we all live. You can write your own story to fill up the lack of books in this genre soon. (Or would this genre be really gone forever? Damn, I feel bad.)

7. Time to DJ! Create the craziest genre mix you would love to read. 

I’m laughing so hard right now, but I think it would really strike my interest if I see a religious sports-ish type of book. Religious sports. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an active and practicing Christian, but religious sports. What kinds of sports do these entail? I’m still laughing, btw. I just pictured Noah playing ping-pong. Dear me, somebody stop me. But hey there are religious/sportish types of books and movies out there. 

8. Survival–you’re on a desert island and you have your favorite book with you. You need to cook a dinner but can’t make the fire unless you use the pages of the book. Would you burn your book to cook meals or would you rather starve to death?

First of all, why would I be carrying a book in the desert? Good job me. It’s hot and here I am being the weirdo that I am, lugging Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book around like “lol no biggie I got everything under control! I’m fine!” Anyway, to answer the question, yes, I would burn my book. It’s survival for Pete’s sake! I can always get another copy of that book. I’m a book lover but not at that level in which I’ll be able to sacrifice myself just for it. And also, who the heck profits if I starve to death with it? No one’s gonna get that book buried deep in the sand dunes long after I’m dead. 😛

9. Sometimes books piss us off…like, big time…can you name the book that caused your emotions to go from disbelief to rage and give us a colorful detailed report of your rage. 

Ohohoho, a classic for all my book lovers out there. Let me just recount to you my very recent experience with Three Dark Crowns. (BEWARE FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN’T READ IT, I’M GOING TO SPOIL THINGS FOR YOU.) I started off liking Jules’ character. She’s kind and brave and strong and friendly. And she’s best friends with my favorite queen of the three, Arsinoe. And then, Joseph came back. This Joseph is the death of all that is sweet and pure to this story. He ruined everything. At first, it wasn’t his fault that he was fricking cold so that Mirabella just had to distribute body heat through well, you know. So you would think after that he would stop having sex with another person that is not her girlfriend? NOOOOOO. It repeats again. And then again. Until Arsinoe and others found him. He repeatedly lied to Jules and I just wanted to have Camden, Jules’ cougar, to scratch his balls out. He even saved Mirabella’s life when the Quickening accident happen. I AM HIGHKEY HOPING FOR HIS PERISHING IN THE NEXT BOOK. That two-timing nitwit. So there you go, I just ranted so bad. I just raged so hard this lunch I had to constantly tell myself to calm down. Freaking Joseph.

10. Name the best author and their book from your country.

My favorite Filipino author is F. Sionil Jose, hands down. He is ever so bright and paints the most wonderful tales that I have read from Filipino authors. I love the fact that his books are so intelligent and very politically-charged that you can’t help but make it a point for yourself to rise up to the occasion. (Does this make any sense?) My favorite book from him is Ben Singkol. I loooove the World War II backdrop, the Ilocano angle (my mother is from Pangasinan), the sweet but tragic romance–ahh! I love it all! I loved how it swept from World War II to People Power, both pivotal points in our country’s history. Plus, he writes in English so more people are able to appreciate his work.

11. Because this is a Sunshine blogger award–describe your sunniest, best, warmest ever blogging experience.

I’m not in any way a big blogger. I made this little blog of mine just from the sheer want to have somewhere I can keep my notes and thoughts on the books that I’ve read cohesively and in one place. That’s because, you see, I read a lot of books. Like a lot. But the tragic thing about it is that I tend to forget stories I’ve read. Almost, or even more than, half of what I’ve read in my younger years (like in my high school and elementary days) I’ve already forgotten. So, finally, I had to make this conscious decision to keep notes and put out my thoughts on it so that when I look at a book I’ll remember what I thought of it and what my general impression of it was. So, imagine my sheer surprise when people started liking my posts! I still feel warm inside every time I see people liking my posts because it’s a great feeling that someone actually reads them. It’s such a moment of gratefulness for me that I get to keep some of my thoughts on this particular book but also the opportunity to share the books I’ve enjoyed (or not!) to a set of people. I think that’s the time I feel the warmest when it comes to book blogging.

So that’s it for my question and answer portion! Whoo, that took me about erm, I think an hour and a half! WOW.

Meanwhile, these are my questions!
  1. What was the stupidest reason why you haven’t picked up a book? (E.g. I swear, I refused to pick up a book once because I didn’t like the author’s name. Amazing, isn’t it?)
  2. What is the real reason why you started blogging particularly about books?
  3. What is the book that you LOVE but to which you are equally embarrassed about?
  4. If your favorite character of all time and least favorite character–from any book–was trapped in a room, what do you think will happen? (i.e., Will they claw each other’s throat out? Or would they have a wonderful picnic under the sun? :P)
  5. What is your dream job/career?
  6. What’s a weird thing you do that gets you to a reading slump?
  7. What are your tricks–that do actually work–to get out of a book slump? Please, share to us your wisdom.
  8. Paper or eBook?
  9. If you were given the chance to exist in a book’s universe, where would you be? Why?
  10. Do you wish to write your own book someday? Why or why not?
  11. What is a thing that people do while you are reading that annoys you the most?

That’s about it! Almost done! Last bit is to tag people. I do hope that you guys will be able to do the tag as well. That is, if you still haven’t done particularly this one. Obviously, anyone willing to give it a go is free to do so!

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*Cover image via Goodreads; Gifs via Giphy.



  1. Woop- my, you did a great job at answering all the questons. I do hope you had fun and apologies if it was totally time consuming 😀 That’s the main reason I do very little tags- the freaking time! 😀

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