A Little Break


I’m taking a (sorta, mini, teensy) break from speed reading and, perhaps, blogging.

Reading is such a beautiful experience for me (and I’m sure for most of you). I feel like it’s only an added bonus when the story is a particularly great one. And let me not forget the fact that it can enrich your horizons–whether it be fiction or nonfiction.

Above are just some of the reasons I love reading. Reading has been such a beautiful avenue for me to escape from stress, albeit temporarily. I am fortunate enough that the love of reading comes naturally for me. When some of my friends’ parents were trying so hard to get them into reading, my parents were trying so hard to claw me out of the local bookstore. I don’t know, there’s just something about reading.

Come high school years, I had the fortune of finding a friend that loves reading such as I–she had a mini-library in her bedroom! (I’m so not jealous, by the way. Alright, I was but…oh shut up.) I felt like I stepped into a goldmine when I entered her bedroom, let me tell you that. And we made it our ritual (or maybe I just imposed it myself :P) for me to go to her house every Friday afternoon and borrow one of her books. It was one of the purest joys I’ve had with a friend because it’s not everyday I find a friend that’s nerd about books as I am. We went to the same university right after, I don’t know what happened but life always got in the way. I miss her dearly.

Meanwhile, college years came and my heart soared upon discovering this used bookstore a mere 3-minute walk from my apartment. I went home with a lot of nice books and a HECK OF A LOT Archie comics (lol) when I was supposed to be doing my groceries (no shame, books=life). And please don’t get me started on my eBook library. It’s a plus that my newfound roomie turned bestfriend (Hi, Edgy!) was a nerd about reading, as well. I think the first interaction I had with her was to borrow her book. It was a black, thick children’s book. I forgot the title, I texted her asking about it but we’re old and we can’t remember. 😛

Reading is what got me through tough times (read: my thesis writing, y’all! Thank God for Rhysand) and sure there might be some times when I just don’t feel like reading but hey, that’s okay. We need a break from things from time to time.

Which leads me to the point of this post. I’m taking a step back from reading so much all the time. (I feel like it’s such a sin to say that, oh my.) I would not stop blogging and reviewing books and advanced reader copies, per se, but I’m just going to strip my life to the essentials starting today.

For the first time in years, I am not a student anymore. I just finished college some months ago and I took a little break. And that break is over. But right now, I want to focus on finding a career path, or at the very least, a job. So why do I have to pause everything I’m doing just for job applications? It’s because I feel like the world is swallowing me whole and I’m so overwhelmed. I have the whole world before me and I have no clue where to go. Last night, I was at church and I just started asking myself the why of my being. What’s the point of me being here? What’s my ultimate purpose? Why should be in this situation? Sorta pretentious and weird, I know, but there are just some nights that you wonder that. And I’m flabbergasted to find myself to have no answer. Zilch, nothing, nuh-uh, nada. It felt as if there was this weird ringing sound of silence where my answer should be. And I told myself this has got to stop. I’m young and I would like to think that I have potential on a good life. And I need to get started on what I want, as soon as I know what I want, that is.  And I know it would take years and maybe my whole life to find out what I really want in my life but I would just like to take the time to regather everything (i.e., thoughts, worries, fears, etc.) I have in the present.

So, while I’m exploring what I want and doing this self-evaluation thingy, I would take a step back from reading too much. I’ll go back to reading before bed and enjoying one story slowly–because that’s the best way, isn’t it? I won’t be stopping from posting my usual reviews on books that I’ve read–because let me tell you, I got a whole lot of backlog on my reviews–but it would take a whole lot longer. (BUT NO KIDDING HOLY SMOKES ACOWAR IS HERE MY HEART IS NOT READY. Anyway…) I need to refocus my energy on something else for now. And I want to take off unnecessary burdens off my back. I’m totally talking about my 100 books to read this year haha! 😛

I’ll be stripping this blog to the essence of why I made it–to take notes on my recent reads because I bloody forget about them after some time. So, a note to my few followers, I hope you give me a little patience, and don’t freaking leave me, will ya? Meanwhile, you can look at this entertaining thing that happened to me awhile ago. It’s surreal, it’s great you’ll love it. 😛

Bye for now, but eh, my weird reviews will be around soon enough. I think. I hope.


*Header image via StockSnap; Gif via Giphy


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