Life Currently


Hello! How are you all? I’ve had so many things happen to me in the past couple of weeks and I just found my blog with no updates for the said duration of time. It’s remarkable how in such a short period of time many changes can come about. Right now, I’m finding the will and energy to face these changes all the while also keeping up with my reading and blogging life. (EDIT: This is my hundredth post!!!)

So, as I have said earlier, I haven’t posted for more than two weeks. Which makes me anxious because I really like putting up silly little knick-knacks in this little space of mine over here. I just found myself swirling in so much errands to do and generally just doing some adult-ish things, haha. Right now, it’s the weekend (and I didn’t know I’d love the weekends this much!) so I have a wee bit of spare time to write this life update. I have so many reviews to post but I just can’t find the time, or at least, I’m still trying to adjust to all these new changes in my life.

My Reading Life Currently

I feel like I’m beginning to be redundant here. Alright I’ll just put this statement to cover what I’m going to write for the rest of this post: I‘m still adjusting to my new work-life schedule and I still don’t know how to manage my time efficiently. Oh, but I’m trying and I know I will find the ideal pattern for my time! But yeah, onto my reading life update!

Due to me commuting all the way from home to my job, I haven’t read much in June. Which is a shame, really, especially because I have so much books listed in my TBR. On the subject of TBRs, I might not be posting monthly TBRs anymore. It’s not because I find it irrelevant or what, but that simply because I’m a random reader. I pick up what I want when I want it. I’ve tried for several months to do so, but it usually doesn’t work out since more often than not I find myself feeling trapped. And who likes to feel that way, really? So, I’ll be shedding those kinds of posts for now. Additionally, I recently emptied my To-Read shelf in Goodreads. I, typically, do this every now and then since I find myself just liberally putting in things there and before I know it, I have a thousand books there which then makes me feel pressured and then the cycle goes on and on and on. So, in the following days, I might be putting things there that I genuinely have all the intentions to read rather than “Hmmm. This has a cute cover, yeah let’s put that baby in the TBR list!” kind of attitude.

The testament as to how I’ve been the slowest reader I’ve ever been for this year is Nicholas Spark’s The Best of Me. I’ve had the book for more than three weeks now and surprise, surprise I’m only 75 pages in! Horror of all horrors, I know. I love the book but ahhhh time, where you at?! I’ve also accepted that I’m not going to finish my 2017 Reading Challenge. I’m currently at 60 of the hundred that I’ve set. I mean, it’s only the second half of the year, yes. But, I just want to keep my expectations low. Also, sixty books is not bad! I mean, I read 47 (I think?) last year. Soooo, yeah.


Since I spend so much time in transit, I’ve also entertained the idea of audiobooks. But, ugh, they be expensive. I don’t really want to splurge on unnecessary things because I’m trying to find the value on my hard-earned money. I’m trying to be financially independent from my parents now that I’m already twenty-one and besides, I’m already a working girl so what’s my excuse, right?

My Work Life Currently

I’ve been in my job for two weeks now and I’m delighted that my workmates are jolly and friendly people. I feel welcome in their group and it’s something that I truly appreciate. Right now, I’m still training for the position which would take place for a month so I still have a good two weeks. It’s only an open-contract position so if either I or they don’t like my performance for half a year, I have the chance to exit the company. Of course, I’m hoping all goes well because it’s really a pain to find a new job, but let’s see.

I’m also delighted that I have inter-departmental friendships already. And, ahem, inter-departmental crushes as well. *Oh my god, I’m blushing. I don’t know how to have a crush.* He has the perfect-est teeth ever and I lost my will to even. I JUST. Okay, I’ll stop. I also have a new office frienemy. Yeps, you heard it.


Overall, I find that life there is smooth but then again I’m still in training so I still don’t know the general workload that I will be subject to. What I really dread everyday is the rush hour. Traffic in Manila is crazy. If you think that you know traffic in your country, ha, no you haven’t seen traffic in all its craziness. Because in the Philippines, forever exists–in traffic. I go to work early and go to bed late. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll find the right groove to it real soon, i.e. which bus routes can I ride that would take me home faster? P.S. I also need a new TV series to watch in transit.

I feel like I’m going to like this job because it’s quite challenging and it’s in the world of finance. To which, I’m going to tell you, I didn’t realize would be so technical. I won’t tell you what I do because I’m sure you’re either not interested or it would just surely bore you.

<insert Friends Gif where Rachel says “Ooh! Ooh! He’s a transponster!” because for the life of me I can’t find it. Anyone has got the link for that? Send me one because this is a need for me. :P>

My Spiritual Life Currently

I’m not in the best place regarding this aspect of my life. I’m being pushed away from my home church by my own leader, nonetheless. I’m spiritually hungry and I don’t know where to go from here. I’m spiritually sound when it comes to my relationship with the Lord but I also need fellowship with fellow Christian brethren. But how am I supposed to do that in a place where I’m not wanted? I have ministries which I was forced to abandon, or put away for the moment, because I can’t serve in a very negative place. I’m trying to take a step away and let Him guide me to where I need to be. Maybe this is a wake up call. It’s all in His hands now. I know I’ve done my part in my church because Lord knows I love my church. But I simply cannot be in a place where our own leader disses our own church–every week, Sunday in and Sunday out. Who can take such spiritual abuse and intimidation?

My Home Life Currently

I hardly have a “home life” these days, haha. I literally just go home to sleep. Our house is currently getting tiled up and everything–everything I tell you–is in  a disarray. I really need an apartment but I just graduated and then I got my medical clearance so I’ve been booked for two consecutive weekends and, yet again, time where you at?! (On the bright side, I’m proud to tell you all I FINALLY watched Wonder Woman! And I’m going to tell you this: Gal Gadot, you go girllll!) I also want to meet with my old high school besties next week, so you can all see my predicaments over here!

Overall Life Currently

I’m still adjusting to this new chapter of my life and I really want to get to know where this new road will take me. I hope it would be a good one. I’m still trying to find my place in my job, mainly. And I will be trying hard to post every weekend. It would be a struggle for me at first, I think, especially since I don’t read much these days but I got so many things to post so I hope I get on with it well.

These are some posts I’m looking forward to posting:

*Review: An Ember in the Ashes
*Review: A Court of Wings and Ruin
*Review: Jurassic Park
*Review: We Were Young
*ARC Review: The Creeps
*Review: The Lucky One
*Review: The Yellow Wallpaper

Told you there’s a lot.


I think that ends my life update! I guess, buh-bye for now! I’ll be sure to be back with my regular programming, haha. 😛 Have a great week!


*Header image by Jan Vasek via Stocksnap; Gifs via Giphy



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