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Hello! The weekend is going by so fast. Saturday is relax day especially since I have to go have an exam tomorrow! Did I also mention that it’s a 7:30AM exam? I know, horror of all horrors, right?!

Anyway! I was pleasantly surprised when Princess from Royal Reader tagged me! I hardly ever do tags but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying them especially when other book lovers out there extends a chance for me to do one! I do hope you drop by Princess’ blog, as well. 🙂 This tag was originally created by Hannah of One World, Too Many Pages. (By the way, I totally respect that blog URL of hers! Haha.) And without further ado, let’s get on with the tag, shall we? (Please note: Book links either go to my review (if available, that is) or to their Goodreads page, alright?) Continue reading

Life Currently (No. 3)


Okay, I’m sorry I haven’t been able to post anything about books right now. It’s because I’m writing my thoughts on A Court of Wings and Ruin right now and we all know that that’s one humongous book both in the flesh and in my heart. 😛 This is what I’ve been up to these past few days:

  • I started watching The Office.

I’m currently in Season 2 and I love Michael. I’m also waiting for Chris Pratt to pop up! I’, rooting for Pam and Jim to happen!!! But I’m mainly waiting for this iconic scene:


  • I experienced calling in sick for work 😦

It felt really unusual to be at home in daylight. But I didn’t have any other choice, did I? I hate periods.

  • I bought City of Bones, finally!

It was also the last copy in my local bookstore!

  • I watched For Me and My Gal because of Nicholas Sparks’ The Best of Me.

And I’m both sad and kilig. But that soundtrack is on point. I’ve been humming For Me and My Gal for the past couple of hours. This is the start of my decent to getting addicted to vintage movies again, I can just feel it.

  • I’m reading four books currently.

I’m not proud, okay. But mainly I’m still reading The Best of Me. I’m just hating some elements right now. :/

Hope all is well with you all! Have a nice week ahead!


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Life Currently (no.2)


For the longest time I had been the girl who was always under par. It’s basically the kind of person that’s always under the given standards. It hurts that I’m of the ambitious type. I get all these weird-slash-creative ideas and it frustrates me when I can’t meet them. No one likes that feeling, I’m sure. No one likes to feel frustrated.

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Life Currently


Hello! How are you all? I’ve had so many things happen to me in the past couple of weeks and I just found my blog with no updates for the said duration of time. It’s remarkable how in such a short period of time many changes can come about. Right now, I’m finding the will and energy to face these changes all the while also keeping up with my reading and blogging life. (EDIT: This is my hundredth post!!!)

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May Updates + June TBR List // 2017

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Hi! I haven’t had the chance to read much books this month since I was busy doing job applications, choir, piano practice, Sunday School teaching, etc.! The month of May was such a blur–I can hardly believe we’re already halfway through the year! I don’t know, this year is pretty laid-back (read: super chill) of a year so far….Nevertheless, I still have brighter hopes ahead. I wasn’t very active in this blog this month because I feel like I’ve been pressuring myself to read this book and that book. I feel like I was being too hard on myself so I had to lay-back–just a little bit. But since it’s officially June (at least here in the Philippines!) I want to keep up a more active presence. Anyhow! Here are my updates for the month of May!

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