Review Policy

Heads up, these are the meaning of my “rates” featured in my book reviews. Perhaps these will kinda shed a light on how I rate the books that I read because honestly, even I’m confused as to how I rate them. LOL.

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Don’t even bother picking this up, you won’t be missing anything awesome.

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It’s not something I liked perhaps because the characters irritated me or the way of writing…but definitely liked the plot–just not the development and  story flow; Nothing special, really.

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It’s okay. I liked it but I’m not too crazy about it. Perhaps if you picked up a copy you’ll like it. It’s a solid okay for me. *It’s alright, it’s okay*

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Oh boy, go get a copy now because this one is legit good! I loved it–perhaps with some questions I need answered but still loved.

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What are you doing in life?! GO GET THIS BOOK BECAUSE IT IS FIRE. FIRE I TELL YOU. I fell head over heels for this work of art.

For review requests

I’m sorry I currently don’t take in any review requests because of the simple truth that I don’t have enough time and energy to review books that I don’t choose to read. As of past, I have been working with some authors and Netgalley, but I will be severely inactive on the platform due to aforementioned reasons. Thanks for understanding! 🙂