Book Review: Stitched #1 by Mariah McCourt

31451222Title: Stitched #1

Author: Mariah McCourt

Illustrator: Aaron Alexovich

Genre: Children’s, Comics, Fantasy

Number of Pages (Paperback): 96

Date Published: May 2nd of 2017

Publisher: Charmz


Crimson Volania Mulch has a problem; she just woke up in a crypt and, besides her name, has no idea of who, where, or what she is. Welcome to the Cemetery of Assumptions, a vast landscape of stones, mausoleums, and secrets. Home to monsters and mayhem, it may also hold the answers to her unknown parentage.

Crimson is a resourceful patchwork girl and determined to find them. Along the way, she meets the mysterious Wisteria, who has a tendency to change and a witch named Parameter whose spells tend to go awry. And two boys, Simon and Quinton, who make her feel something besides lost and confused. She must battle ghosts, zombies, and monsters in order to learn where she came from and who her real “mother” is. But will she do it alone, or will she have help from her new friends and unexpected crushes?

Rating: ★★★★☆ (4 of 5)

I want to thank the publisher for making it possible for me to have an access to the book in exchange for an honest review, via Netgalley.

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Before I start with my review, I just want to tell you all that today marks my one year anniversary with this blog! My blog is one year old! Time blows by so fast and I cannot believe it has been a year since I actually decided to make these little notes on all the books that I read! What a year! Anyway, here goes my review for Stitched #1!

This might have been the cutest thing I have read in a while. Though the fact that I am still fond of children’s books still holds, I am also feeling that I’m shifting quite a bit into the Young Adult genre as of late. So, what I’m saying is, I may be veering away from children’s books as much as I can because I feel like I’m already too old for the genre. Crazy, I know but I’m glad my reading taste is also evolving.

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Bye for Now

I am very, very close to admitting to myself that I would be needing a blogging hiatus. And perhaps this is my last hurrah before I descend upon it. These past couple of months had been so much fun with me just reading one book after another. But, I have to be more responsible with my time right now. I am writing my thesis for my undergraduate degree in Economics. Painful as it is, I may need to limit myself with just 20 minutes of reading before going to bed. This will go on until December of 2016. 🙁 But, as much as anything important I need to put my full attention to this graduation requirement of mine. 4 months of less time reading beautiful books! Oh my heart.

Clearly this won’t really carry on that strictly. I would perhaps sneak in reading time while eating my meals or while showering (thank the heavens for audiobooks and text-to-speech functions! haha) or cooking or prepping up for the day–just anytime in between. And of course I would be posting reviews every now and then but not regularly.

Cheers to juggling this crazy thing called time. Bye!😘

P.S. I’ve started keeping a bullet journal. And I must say, whoever thought of this is a genius. 😊

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I am never the writer. Never. So it is kind of surprising when a website e-mailed me and said that they wanted to feature my writings. Imagine my consternation! I thought it was some sort of joke but no, it was a legit website: I know that it would be a long, looong shot before I actually get the chance to be a legit bigtime reviewer (if that time comes ever) but I know I would really like to get my writings out there. And this way too I can actually be able to spread my love of reading and my opinions on it. Wow, this feels so strange!



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