Find Your Brave by Holly Wagner

Title: Find Your Brave9781601428790

Author: Holly Wagner

(Expected) Publishing Date: June 21, 2016

Rate: 4 of 5

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Being raised in a Christian family, it has been quite the struggle for me growing up to see what the fuss about having my very own relationship with the LORD. It was years later when I got the chance to see and experience this wonderful thing that having a personal relationship with God is. But, I would not lie. There are still times when I get so discouraged. There are times when I get so out of focused that I start doubting myself, and worse, I start doubting the power of the LORD.
I don’t think it was a coincidence that when I read this book I was praying for something so fervently–something that I needed so badly. Perhaps I should mention that I don’t really like reading too much of these kinds of books. Oddly enough, I found the humorous approach of the author making me feel like I was listening to a dear friend encouraging me. The systematic arrangement of the topics alone has been a great help. Not only that, the book has been such a blessing and an inspiration!
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