Of Beautiful Things


it’s a wonder how when i look up to the night sky and to the moon,

all i think about is our distance from each other.

it’s unusual and it disturbs me;

it disturbs me that you’re the first thought I have when I see something beautiful.

*Image via Stocksnap

Start Over

*Another one from my old blog archives.*

A guy once told me,

“It’s easier to resume something,

Rather than to start over.”

Thinking about it,

In the haze of a hot, summer night,

I think of his words.

I argued with him.

I said he is wrong.

I said fresh starts are easier.

I said they’re the best.

You get to start over.

But I forgot,

When you start over,

You start over.

You are back to zero.

You are back to nothing.


Now I stand here.

With nothing.

Photo via Negative Space