Book Review: We Were Young by Fortesa Latifi

26866079Title: We Were Young

Author: Fortesa Latifi

Genre: Poetry, Nonfiction

Date Published: September of 2015

Publisher: Where Are You Press

Synopsis (through Goodreads):

This is the second book by Fortesa Latifi.

In her sophomore collection of poetry, Fortesa revisits themes from past writings with a new maturity. We Were Young explores the heartbreaks, hangovers, and hang ups associated with growing up.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ (2 of 5)

thebookweirdo (4)

I enjoy poetry books in most cases. I love the rawness, the simplicity of how a writer can just pour out his/her heart out on it. It seems like a simple channel of creativity but at the same time a complex one, as well. I feel like poems is such a very close thing to the heart. That’s why I felt a little down upon reading We Were Young. I wanted to like it but half the time I was just reading it–not feeling the words. I couldn’t find any connection with what is in the written word…and I felt like I was doing something wrong or perhaps I might have been distracted? I don’t understand how half the time I was just there, not really understanding what’s happening. I’m not sure if this was a fault of mine upon reading, I mean, I might not have been the general demographic that this work has been going for?

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Love & Misadventure by Lang Leav

18003300Title: Love & Misadventure

Author: Lang Leav

Genre: Poetry, Romance, Young Adult

Number of Pages (Paperback): 176

Date Published: April 26th of 2013

Publisher: Lang Leav (self-published)

Synopsis (via GoodReads): 

Lang Leav is a poet and internationally exhibiting artist. Awarded a coveted Churchill Fellowship, her work expresses the intricacies of love and loss.

Beautifully illustrated and thoughtfully conceived, Love and Misadventure will take you on a rollercoaster ride through an ill-fated love affair- from the initial butterflies to the soaring heights- through to the devastating plunge. Lang Leav has an unnerving ability to see inside the hearts and minds of her readers. Her talent for translating complex emotions with astonishing simplicity has won her a cult following of devoted fans from all over the world.

Rate: 4 of 5

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I don’t have any way to approach this but to  be upright with it. This book is very basic, simple, outright, and to the point. It is a fuss-free piece of work which I think is a nice thing especially because this is poetry. In my opinion, there is minimal need for a complex form when it comes to poetry. We all have different tastes in poetry and for me being basic and simple is a good thing. In accordance to this, I also want to address how some people hated this but in my point of view–why? It portrays beautiful points of view in love. Often dramatic, yes. But pffft poetic licence, I guess? Haha.

Lang Leav really is a talented fellow. The artist’s beautiful illustrations sprinkled across the pages gave the work a new dimension, making the absorption of the content much easier. I don’t know, it just works.

Overall, this work seems like a classy, simple set of poetry that’s real. No fuss. Unpretentious. Just minimalist goodness and to be honest, yes to that girl!

Do I recommend it? Mm-hmm.


Cover image and Synopsis via GoodReads; Gif via Giphy.