Faith Without Works

*Another post from my old blog archives.*

There’s no sense going on and on about something that was in the past.

What are you gonna do to fix it?


You can do nothing.

So just move on, and find a solution to the mess that you’ve done.

Because all’s done is done.

You cannot unravel anything from what has happened.

If I could just turn back time and shout to myself

“Stop procrastinating you idiot!”

I would.

I would, every minute of every day

Until I get the point

And start writing like there’s no tomorrow

Start gathering data like my life depended on it

Start reading boring journals like it’s food for the soul

I will start and never look back.

But what’s done is done.

Now, how the hell will you fix this?

You did this.

So suffer.

Suffer the consequences.

Suffer the failure.


Suffer through it all.

And maybe

When you get the point

You’ll get back here

And say

“Let’s do this.”

And soon, with victor you’ll shout:

“Hey I did it!”

With victor you’ll shout:

“Correctly this time.”

Head held high,

You’ll conquer your irrational fears

One by one.

But let’s not get our hopes up too soon

This all shall happen

But not without effort and perseverance

Because “faith without works is dead”.


  Photo by Rowan Heuvel via StockSnap

Start Over

*Another one from my old blog archives.*

A guy once told me,

“It’s easier to resume something,

Rather than to start over.”

Thinking about it,

In the haze of a hot, summer night,

I think of his words.

I argued with him.

I said he is wrong.

I said fresh starts are easier.

I said they’re the best.

You get to start over.

But I forgot,

When you start over,

You start over.

You are back to zero.

You are back to nothing.


Now I stand here.

With nothing.

Photo via Negative Space