Reading is Reading

*I wrote this back in my old blog. Which I’m soon deleting. Also, I made a Tumblr.  I really don’t know why. But maybe because of the fact that I never really understood Tumblr. Yes, I’m one of those weird grandmas of the Internet. Hahahaha. So, I’m trying to explore it. Wow, talk about being so late. LOL. Anyway, yeah.*
“But, you know, do what you like! Have a million books! I was only, like, asking. It’s still a book if you’re reading it on an iPad. Soup is soup whatever bowl it’s in.”

I had recently been shamed on reading books that are not printed on paper–eBooks to be clear. A man told me, “If you are going to read then at least do it in the real sense of reading.” I was in between flabbergasted and in want to punch the hell out of him. Since when did the notion of reading in regard to the platform used? Whether it be paper, Kindle, phone, tablet, iPad, PC, etc. It’s all the same. It’s reading. And shouldn’t THAT thought be celebrated instead of shaming people based on HOW they read their books? Because books are books.

Okay, there is this aesthetic appeal to print books. And okay, I do love the print books but sometimes there just isn’t space anymore for the sheer bulk that a book is. Sometimes there is just no time to go out and find a specific book. Or order it, have it delivered. Sometimes you just want to put your hands on it readily. And that’s where eBooks step in. At least in my case, that is.

I’m still quite mad about him insulting the way I read my books. But I don’t care. I read because of the contents. Not the packaging.

Here’s to reading no matter how. And here’s to positivity, throw that shit around all day.

Photo by Kaboompics; Gif via Giphy