Ballet Shoes (Shoes #1) by Noel Streatfeild

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Title: Ballet Shoes (Shoes #1)
Series: Shoes
Date Published: September 2003 (first published in 1936)

Brought together by their Great Uncle, the three girls Pauline, Petrova, and Posy resolved to make “Fossil” their last name since they were all orphaned as babies and do not have their very own family names. The three girls were adopted by their Great Uncle and left in the care of two women in his house in London while he goes on expedition and travel. After Posy, the youngest of the bunch, was brought into the care of the said ladies, a note came along saying that their Great Uncle would be back in five years’ time and that he would be leaving money. But five years passed and no sign of the man. Money is diminishing. They found themselves struggling to pay even the schooling of the children. That’s when an academy of the arts took them in for free. Pauline had a delightful time, Petrova hated it (always the slight tomboy that she is) and Posy was just naturally cut out for it. The children learned helped the expenses by doing some theatre work.

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Okay, I’ll confess something. I picked up this book because of the cute cover. Sorry, but I really like pretty covers. (And I cannot lie, haha) And also because the series’ name is “Shoes”. Now, who doesn’t like shoes? As a girl very addicted to shoes, I can vouch that shoes are the best. Shoes complete your style. Okay, I am getting off-topic. The book. Okay, the book.
This is the type of book that you read as a child. The type of book that reflects the true nature of life yet still so light-hearted. At first, I thought it would be a lulling book. And I won’t lie, for me, there were some parts of the book that just felt like it was slapped in there just to fill  it up, you know? Also, I have observed that this book had so many things going on. It wasn’t just working on one thing towards the ending. It was like whoop-there’s a new problem; whoop-solved it; whoop-here’s another one; whoop-ha! solved it again! So in that sense this is a good book to engage the young readers.
The ending of the book also opened a slight expectancy of a sequel. Well, in my case, I knew all along that it is a series. Because it is published in 1936 haha! So duhh. (I just realized that this was first published around the time that my grandfather was just ten years old!)
All in all, I wasn’t really crazy about this book because, let’s face it, it is kind of old. And sometimes there are just some circumstances that’s just not relatable. But old is gold. And if you are trying to just engage yourself with some good ole readings for children I believe this would be a wonderful addition to that growing bookshelf of yours.
I will also try to read the rest of the series soon.
On that note, by golly, I am kind of  getting too passionate about my GoodReads To-Read list. As of the time that I am writing this, I have 650 books now on the line to being read. And of course, let us not forget about my requested Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs). Well, yeah. I am screwed. But hey, books! 
Oh, Joey.
Do I recommend it?
Yes, if you like classic children’s book that has so many things going on. Haha. 🙂