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Hello! The weekend is going by so fast. Saturday is relax day especially since I have to go have an exam tomorrow! Did I also mention that it’s a 7:30AM exam? I know, horror of all horrors, right?!

Anyway! I was pleasantly surprised when Princess from Royal Reader tagged me! I hardly ever do tags but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying them especially when other book lovers out there extends a chance for me to do one! I do hope you drop by Princess’ blog, as well. 🙂 This tag was originally created by Hannah of One World, Too Many Pages. (By the way, I totally respect that blog URL of hers! Haha.) And without further ado, let’s get on with the tag, shall we? (Please note: Book links either go to my review (if available, that is) or to their Goodreads page, alright?) Continue reading “My Life in Books Tag”

Sunshine Blogger Award

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This gif-ridden post has been in my list of posts to write for almost three weeks now and yes, alright, I am ashamed. Hahaha! I want to thank Liz over at Cover to Cover for kindly tagging me! I must tell you, this is the first time I’ve been tagged at anything–I’ve always been that lurker around tags! 😛 Go and see her awesome blog. Thanks again, Liz! So without further ado, I’ll go forth and start the ball rolling with the set of rules because rules are great. As Monica said: Rules are good! Rules help control the fun!


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